Technology is our heritage

Since the very first day we have been constantly learning, growing and enjoying what we do. Building great relationships all over the world and having the previlage to work with amazing companies and partners.

From how we started to where we are today

Boston Massachusetts, late 90’s

This was an exiting time for IT. The way technology was transforming the world was incredible. With each year and each innovation it became clear that digital would be the future.

It was the ideal time for entrepreneurship and with the american dream in mind, founder Chilal Khalil created at that time the fundamentals of the company that today has grown into an international company.

Today, more then 20 years later and packed with tons of experience in IT, telecom, infrastructure, software, development and business intelligence, we help our valuable customers to provide an optimized service. With offices located all over the world, including New Jersey (US), Bangkok (Thailand), Ghent (Belgium) and Casablanca (Morocco).

We guide your business through the process of transformation

A world in change, creates companies in change. Companies in change, create processes and people in change. We are your guide, travel medium and companion on your digital journey.

Excellence in both innovation and service are in our genetic identity.

The world we know is in constant change. Not a day, week, month or year that stays the same. Cloudme helps organisations to remain successful in this rapidly changing environment. As a digital innovator, our mission is to deliver results for our customers and their customers through the strength of our people and our solution-ecosystem.

We have a culture of working-, connecting-, and maintaining together. Our approach is shaped around your business and IT priorities and is based on the latest insights into digital and cloud solutions, business applications and technology services.

Get to know us better, and choose to work with a partner who takes your complete digital concerns of your shoulders.

If you are immediately looking for intelligent business advice, gather insights from your existing data, optimize your customer experience, get the best out of your employees and break with traditional business standards, then contact one of our business experts.