How do you evolve in an AI driven company?

Think smart forward with sustainable AI adoption and ensure ROI in uncertain times

Stay informed with Analytics and AI

In today's world, analytics and AI are the big balancer, allowing smaller companies to create a strong presence and big companies to make intimate connections. In a study of business AI conducted by Cloudme Business Intelligence revealed that 97% of companies still let human interaction do the work that AI could do. The potential for data, analysis and AI at large scale is limitless in a world of unknowns. Data and AI offer infinite opportunities and a great competitive advantage.

While many organizations dream in AI, Cloudme Business Intelligence helps make that happen by helping you to squeeze every bit of value out of your data. Capabilities from robotic process automation to business analytics, forecasting, data visualization, data warehousing and more help bring unprecedented insights to life and maximize data value and business impact.

Human interaction
97% of activities can be replaced by AI
AI implementation today
37% of businesses implement AI
Voice assistants in use
3 billion voice assistants
Chatbots in companies
52% of companies using chatbots
Worldwide data growth by 2025
61% to 175 zettabytes

Our AI and DATA driven services

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Human-centered AI to deliver immediate benefits in times of need.

Internet of things (IoT)

IoT can help boost your business to the next level in many ways.

Intelligent Automation

Power-up your workspace with intelligent automation for better business results.

Data Management

Empowering data and AI objectives when it matters most.

Customer Analytics

Deal with your customers in new ways, where they feel at their best.

Business Analytics

Increase the resilience and value of your business by building better analytics.

Our advice that will help your business become AI-driven

For most organizations, the potential and strength of AI is obvious; building maturity in this area is however a matter of creating the right frameworks to grow within the organization.

Organizations moving to a mature mindset are best placed for success in a modern AI-driven world. The initial steps to improving customer and employee experience are a critical cornerstone of AI, but organizations require to apply AI on a larger scale to innovate products and reduce risk. The following are three major recommendations to help your organization become AI driven:

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