Human-centralized AI technology, providing all the benefits in times of need.

AI can deliver results to your business today, including improving the customer experience, increasing your workforce, and automating repetitive processes.

The hype in the industry will make you believe that AI can solve almost all your business problems.

The truth is that most of the immediate benefits of AI are task-oriented, with a lack of contextual awareness and flexible learning that people have.

That's why we focus on people-focused AI to help you achieve more. You can better understand and interpret the data, apply reasoning and engage more naturally. The importance of the human element is not lost on companies. Our recent survey found that 85% of senior-level business and IT decision-makers agree that companies need to be able to manage both people and machines to successfully deploy AI in the future.

Connect with your customers

To exceed your customers' expectations, you need to understand and engage them in very different ways. You shouldn't just focus on maintaining a website or answering emails. Today's customers demand a modern omni-channel approach, driven by data. To achieve this, you need to link marketing technologies and processes to sales and service systems and processes and customer support.

For a customer, this means an experience in one channel that starts where the last channel left off, without the need to reformulate the relationship and the context. The omni-channel solution Cloudx offers will help you move towards true customer intimacy and personalization - and help you create compelling experiences throughout the customer lifecycle that lead to better acquisition, retention and profitability.

Benefit from our expertise in AI

We work together with customers to assist them in obtaining the true value of the people-oriented AI. Our expertise includes:

AI practitioners

Service experts

Data engineers

Automation experts

Analytics professionals

Find out how a human-centered approach to AI can deliver results for your business.

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