Increase business value with better analytics

Many organization are looking to add more value to their business trough business analytics. It’s no longer acceptable to store your most valuable data in a silo.

The power of bringing data together is the key business differentiator.

We can assist you in absorbing that data to build better business analysis, resulting in better results. We can get the most out of your data by addressing your specific data-intensive processes and existing business analysis systems. Or we can start with your larger data, analytics and AI strategy to support your digital transformation vision.

Focus on the full analytics cycle

We take a holistic approach that focuses on the full analytics cycle: socialize, operationalize and industrialize. We often start small, which helps prove the value of your vision, setting you up for the next milestones.

What do we mean with "Big Data"?

Big data can be applied to real-time fraud detection, complex competitive analysis, call center optimization, consumer sentiment analysis, intelligent traffic management, and to manage smart power grids, to name only a few applications. Big data is characterized by three primary factors: volume (too much data to handle easily); velocity (the speed of data flowing in and out makes it difficult to analyze); and variety (the range and type of data sources are too great to assimilate). With the right analytics, big data can deliver richer insight since it draws from multiple sources and transactions to uncover hidden patterns and relationships.

There are four types of big data BI that really aid business:

1. Prescriptive

This type of analysis reveals what actions should be taken. This is the most valuable kind of analysis and usually results in rules and recommendations for next steps.

2. Predictive

An analysis of likely scenarios of what might happen. The deliverables are usually a predictive forecast.

3. Diagnostic

A look at past performance to determine what happened and why. The result of the analysis is often an analytic dashboard.

4. Descriptive

What is happening now based on incoming data. To mine the analytics, you typically use a real-time dashboard and/or email reports.

The benefits of business analytics

We can help you scale your business analytics and AI vision without breaking what you already have in place. Our expertise includes:

Analytics systems

Analytics professionals

AI practitioners

Data engineers

Automation experts

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