Think smart forward with data-driven service and solutions

Cloudme Business Intelligence offers proprietary service and solutions for complex business challenges.

What are your business challenges?

In today’s fast changing business environment it’s all about speed and scale, and business leaders are turning to the latest technology to provide service and solutions to their most complex challenges.

That’s why CLBI has developed a suite of proprietary data-driven solutions to help professionals deliver on clients’ diverse needs.


AI-driven omnichannel communication solution: call, sms, mail, social media, whatsapp, videoconference and more.


Agile file sharing and collaboration productivity platform that keeps you in control.




Scrum supported kanban tool for project management, bug tracking and release plans.

The benefits of our working with our solutions

We can help you evolve your business processes without, optimize your customer relationships and anticipate when needed. Our expertise includes:

  • Business intelligence professionals
  • Communication experts
  • Telecom engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Data analysts
  • Software developers
  • Technical support and maintenance team
  • Reinventing your customer experience strategy
  • Optimizing your business process services
  • Defining and track the value you create with our business applications