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Cloudme Intelligent Enterprise Solutions Program (CIESP)

CIESP: A partnership and investment strategy

To deliver process-driven digital transformation for your customers, employees and workspace, our Cloudme Intelligent Enterprise Solutions Program (CIESP) is a strategic investment that brings together the knowledge, resources, services and the ecosystem of our intelligent enterprise solutions.

We adapt our solutions to industry-specific configurations developed by our international team of experts. They are designed to help you quickly implement industry-leading business practices made possible by innovative digital technology.

Get your organization ready for anything that comes next

All over the world, in every industry, organizations are moving away from traditional systems and processes to think smart forward on how to do business and reposition themselves for the future.

Our experienced business consultants will help you understand the complexities by bringing together cross-industry market insights with deep technology expertise and privileged access to intelligent business solutions and tools. Our CIEPS framework helps you quickly assess your organization's strategic resilience and then prioritize actions that will enable your organization to emerge from the COVID-19 disruption faster and stronger than your competition.

CIESP Solution Process

The CIESP Solution Process follows a common sense formula. Our process is designed to mitigate risk at every stage of your project; providing transparency and direct communication between software, the project team and the entirety of your company. Our specialized solution process is divided into five stages, and helps to ensure that every ounce of ROI is milked out of the custom development, software solution and data, while also allowing you the flexibility to keep a firm grasp on your implementation the whole time. Each stage has a specific responsibility that helps us ensure that we deliver your project exactly as your business requires.

The key to a successful intelligent partnership and implementation is ensuring that the ROI goals and processes established in the beginning of a project are executed upon throughout the lifetime of the project, and that those goals are met within the budget you outlined at the beginning of the operation.


  • Workflow optimization study
  • Wire-framing, and architecture
  • Data conversion planning
  • Customization and integration planning
  • Project timeline creation

  • Solution design and validation
  • Custom development (web / app)
  • Software customization (solution)
  • Initial data migration
  • Pilot system setup

  • Server configuration (Cloud / On-premise / Hybrid)
  • API connection to existing systems
  • Full data migration
  • Deployment and testing
  • Training (on-site, online)

  • Security measurements
  • SLA / Response time
  • Monitoring
  • Live-support
  • Urgent interventions (on-site)

  • Maintenance
  • Extended custom development
  • Data analytics, data consulting
  • Evaluation of new processes
  • Ongoing continues improvement
  • CIESP is more than just software and development solutions

    Digital transformation is a challenging journey, but we’ll be with you all the way. We are committed to helping accelerate your collective vision and establish a momentum of digital transformation within your organization.

    Data management

    Manage and control your data, not just to store it, but use these data insights to make informed decisions that will determine the future of your business.

    Customer service and Operations

    Be able to support the changing needs of your customers and create opportunities to explore new channels to the market.

    Optimize talent and simplify procedures

    Strengthen your employees to respond quickly and efficiently to external changes. Give them the tools to simplify and automate processes.

    Products and Services

    Respond quickly to changes affecting your product portfolio to minimize disruptions and anticipate how products and services will evolve in the short and longer term.

    Building and protecting the core

    Protect your company's core business and build a resilient and scalable operation that's flexible for the future.

    Financial control and optimization

    Reduce operational costs immediately, move to a scalable cost model and free up capital to accelerate growth opportunities.

    Migration to the Cloud with CIESP Cloud Solutions

    There’s no better place to innovate than the cloud.

    A cloud vision to boost agility

    Modern organizations must rethink how they unlock business value from the cloud in order to deliver in the digital age. Accelerating your migration to secure cloud platforms will power agility, innovation, and efficiency across the business.

    With disruption affecting every sector, the need for resilience has never been greater. In order to survive and thrive, organizations must find new ways to react, adjust and innovate as they move forward better prepared for the future.

    When you’re in the cloud your infrastructure adapts as your business requires. You can create new business models at speed, innovating faster than ever. Whether you want to develop new cloud native apps or modernizing existing applications, you should be creating better experiences for customers, adopting new technologies and embracing a culture of experimentation.

    Benefits of the CIESP expertise

    We can help you evolve your business processes, optimize your customer relationships, employee experience and anticipate when needed. The benefits of our expertise:

  • Reduced risks
  • Product safety
  • Improve predictability
  • Superior quality
  • Enhanced Process consistency
  • Greater brand protection
  • Simplified operations
  • Lower costs
  • Find out more about how our services and solutions can accelerate your business transformation.

    Contact us today to help your organization identify the strategic challenges that will make your business and your products more resilient. And help you optimize your services to make them more attractive to your customers.