Connect your employees, customers and partners with intelligent AI-driven omni-channel software

Omnichannel experiences unify inbound and outbound communication to deliver proactive, contextual interactions.

Create seamless, personalized engagements across all channels throughout the entire customer journey.

Your employees, customers and representatives can switch from one channel to another while maintaining context. You can competently design, launch and monitor even the most complex customer journeys using routing to automatically deliver interactions to the best available resource.

Transform your employees into advocates

Give your employees the tools they need to give your customers a unique experience.

Realtime dashboards:

Monitor multiple aspects of the system at a glance. Interact with customers and employees.


Engage with customers on the channel of their choice (Phone, e-mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp)

Gather data:

Create multiple forms and attach them with different campaigns for useful customer insights


Marketing automation:

To cater all of the marketing tasks, CloudX helps you automate the general tasks such as lead generation, capture and process easily without sacrificing the proficiency of the process.

Sales automation:

Sales Automation is a comprehensive way to enhance sales agent’s productivity, increases sales rate and boosts revenue growth.

3rd party integration:

Connect Cloudx with your CRM, ERP, Sales Portal & Ecommerce for seamless data flow.

Create a source of sustainable value, transform your organization and built Business Resilience (BR)

The work floor has traditionally been seen as a cost center. A place to maximize transactional efficiency and reduce cost. Team Performance (TP) is rarely baked into organizational initiatives, yet the work floor is where you can differentiate.


Employees need to feel empowered and motivated to make changes to the way work is done.


Management needs to keep processes and systems simple and easy to use, so they enhance employees’ ability to deliver great customer service.


Modern platforms and tools need to be in place to allow you to scale up quickly and cost-effectively.

How to establish changes in your organization?

The right organizational environment requires all three plates to be spinning at once. Focusing on just one element will not create the right organizational environment. You need a holistic approach. For example, you may motivate people by reskilling them in areas such as AI or analytics. But if the processes are still complex, the new tools have not been integrated into existing systems or your culture does not reward those who take time to reskill, then the impact of the investment will be limited and the customer experience (CX) will decline.

Cloudme Intelligent Enterprise Solutions Program (CIESP)

Our experienced business consultants will help you understand the complexities by bringing together cross-industry market insights with deep technology expertise and privileged access to intelligent business solutions and tools. Our CIEPS framework helps you quickly assess your organization's strategic resilience and prioritize your actions.

The benefits of our working with CloudX

We can help you evolve your business processes, optimize your customer relationships, employee experience and anticipate when needed. Our expertise includes:

  • Business intelligence professionals
  • Communication experts
  • Telecom engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Data analysts
  • Software developers
  • Technical support and maintenance team
  • Reinventing your customer experience strategy
  • Optimizing your business process services
  • Defining and track the value you create with our business applications
  • Find out more about CloudX in your company

    Contact us today to help your organization identify the strategic challenges that will make your business and your products more resilient. And help you optimize your services and organization with our intelligent omnichannel solution.