Health care should never be unprepared again

Increased demand for health care services, higher patient acuity and demand for new care delivery capabilities have revealed vulnerabilities in health care systems.

The trail of health transformation in rapid motion

Health services are facing unexpected times, the delivery structure for health services is evolving quickly. As traditional healthcare lines are not only fading, but are moving fast to keep up with the pace of change. Technology is needed more than ever to assist the healthcare industry in this rapid evolution.

We help our healthcare customers gaining power with intelligent communication and enterprise solutions that gives them the ability to tackle the challenges of the healthcare ecosystem.

Virtual health delivers safe access to quality care

Health care professionals play a critical role in supporting the health, safety and wellness of people around the world. Working in a complex care environment, doctors, nurses and other health care staff need access to tools that enable collaborative workflows and help keep doctors, staff and patients safer from the spread of infectious diseases.

As a leading digital innovator on intelligent ecosystems, Cloudme Business Intelligence can offer a wide range of solutions; filesharing platform, health care collaboration system, health care management software and intelligent omnichannel communication.

What health care needs during and post COVID-19

Omnichannel communication with patients and citizens


Many health care organizations have been overwhelmed with citizens calling for information due to the COVID-19 virus. Creating a communication channel to help citizens track symptoms and get recommendations during the COVID-19 outbreak is an ideal task for intelligent virtual agents.


Cloudme Business Intelligence created an intelligent omni-channel communication platform for virtual agents with a smart AI growing knowledge base on the virus necessary to communicate and support to citizens.


Communicate with citizens on the channels where they feel safe Direct and fast involvement over social media platforms Use AI chatbots for the most common questions about the coronavirus Send SMS, e-mail and voice messages en masse

The importance of data strategy in health care?

The application of big data analytics in healthcare has a lot of positive and also life-saving outcomes. Big data refers to the vast quantities of information created by the digitization of everything, that gets consolidated and analyzed by specific technologies. Applied to healthcare, it will use specific health data of a population (or of a particular individual) and potentially help to prevent epidemics, cure disease, cut down costs, etc.

The benefits of big data management, analytics and solutions in health care:

  • Predict the daily patients income to tailor staffing accordingly
  • Use Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • Use real-time alerting for instant care
  • Enhance patient engagement in their own health
  • Use health data for a better-informed strategic planning
  • Research more extensively to┬ácure cancer
  • Use predictive analytics
  • Reduce fraud and enhance data security
  • Practice telemedicine
  • Integrate┬ámedical imaging for an broader diagnosis
  • Prevent unnecessary ER visits

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