Smart Financial

With 360° communication and assistance, you can connect with clients,
avoid fraud,  and develop relationships.

Increase loyalty with omnichannel communications

Customers want financial services to be accessible through all methods of communication. Voice calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger can all be integrated and streamlined. Make conversations and offerings more personalized based on prior interactions.


Use AI to automate tasks

Manage chat bots to answer customer questions like where the nearest ATM is located. Conduct AI-powered phone surveys to obtain feedback from customers. Convert any speech to text and learn more about your customers.


Protect client information

Use secure and encrypted platforms like WhatsApp to communicate with your consumers. Give your customers even more protection by requiring them to use two-factor authentication and authenticate their identity using SMS codes.

Audio & videoconference

Voice and video in real time

Maintain stronger customer relationships. Customers can reach account managers, consultants, and agents by phone if voice calling is enabled. Use video conferencing for meetings with your employees or with your customers.

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