Think smart forward: Becoming a digital insurer

Businesses that embrace the digital opportunity will build greater customer loyalty and drive more revenue. Those that don’t will be at a competitive disadvantage.

Digital technology gives insurers powerful ways to offer more

The digital revolution has raised customer expectations in every industry. Insurance is no exception.Today’s customers expect more than a once-a-year interaction with their insurance providers. But what does “more” mean? More choice? More convenience? More channels? More innovative products? More personalized service?

Insurance companies now have a rare opportunity to focus on what matters – and to stop everything else.

While working within a framework of identifying what is best for customers, we would encourage insurers to focus on five priorities:

Cost Containment and Optimization:

Apply automation, analytics and AI at scale to reduce spend and operational risk.

Talent Agility:

Coach remote workers for productivity, both onshore and offshore. Create new digital workspaces and filesharing solutions for all departments.

A Resilient Core:

Customer-centric approach. Communicate with your customers where they feel at their best. For one customer this is by letter, for the others by mail or phone and for yet other customers it is through social media channels and new mediums such as WhatsApp.

Customer Care and Operations:

Integrate digital marketing platforms with automation processes. Communicate with your customers on channels where they feel safe. Embrace the omnichannel approach.

Products and Services at hand:

89% of the population uses a smartphone on a daily basis, reaching your customers with the most clarity. With a secure mobile application you maximize the customer experience.

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