How did your cybersecurity risk attitude change?

Recent global disruption has dramatically changed the cybersecurity landscape. This has opened new vulnerabilities across platforms and systems, that attackers are exploiting.

Cloudme Business Intelligence can help protect your organization, so that you can build a resilient and scalable operation that’s fit for a flexible future.

Through consulting, implementation and managed services, our security services offer a holistic approach to support a robust security strategy:

  • Robust security: achieve intelligent, robust security across all end-points and applications
  • Modern collaboration: achieve seamless collaboration and new levels of productivity 
  • Consolidation: maximize cost savings with a simplified security landscape and roadmap
  • Secure innovation: enable digital transformation in the cloud and the organization securely

Think smart forward about your security strategy with these three steps

As you go through these stages, you may find it difficult to know where to begin in order to ensure that you have the required actions to protect your business now and in the future. We sketch three steps to get you started.

Adopt a zero-trust mindset and vision :

This concept is centered on the belief that an organization should not automatically trust anything inside or outside its perimeters – and that everything must be verified before granting access to systems. The identity of every individual, admin account, application, bot, and process must be validated and managed through a governance process.

Undertake a comprehensive risk assessment :

It’s hard to evaluate the risk of everything from the outset, so a good place to start is by identifying the assets of most value and understanding what you want to protect. From here, you’ll be able to pinpoint the key risks to those assets and come up with a tactical plan to address them.

Renew to realize your security vision over the long term:

Whatever systems you put in place, make sure they’re secure from a cloud and modern applications standpoint and that you have a good understanding of the level of responsibility the provider (and you) will bear, to make it secure by design.

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