Cloud CC

An intelligent technology-based communications platform
designed for contact centers to improve your customer relations
and control the performance of your teams.

Make better contact, with less effort


Deliver the right response every time

Successfully manage inbound and outbound calls with the right tools and training.

Digital engagement

Route calls to the best agents to aid with resolution. Follow the progress of an interaction from submission to completion. Increase agent productivity by providing a single interface for all message-based interactions (chat, SMS, social).

Funnel management

Stop the leakage in the sales/ leads funnel and re-engage contacts at the right time through reporting and proper management of inbound and outbound calls.

Call queuing

Give your clients the option of requesting a callback and personalize their call queuing experience with unique messages and waiting music. Choose how long you want to hold a call in the queue before sending it to voicemail.

Automated outbound calls

With our sophisticated automated dialer, which comes in preview, progressive, and predictive modes, you can boost your agents' efficiency on outgoing calls.


To make call resolution easier, intelligently route calls to the best agents. Self-service can be done with voice-activated IVR or virtual agents.


Increase agent productivity by providing a single interface for all message-based interactions.


Email inquiries may be filtered and intelligently routed. Follow the progress of an interaction from submission to completion.


Empower your team with the tools they need

Respond to your customers through voice, sms and email. Reach out with automated telephony marketing campaigns. Create an intelligent IVR workflow in minutes.


Gain insights on conversations and agent performance

Measure the performance of your agents and data effectively at any time, live and make informed business decisions.

Call recording

Statistics related to the number of open and closed conversations along with resolved and unresolved issues.

Live feed

Get a real-time view of team activities so you can reallocate resources and boost productivity.


Keep track of all your contact center data in one place, including wait time, missed call rate, and call volume.

Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing operations with intelligent, personalized workflow for a professional, high-level customer experience.

Sales Automation

With this easy and sophisticated platform, your agents are more efficient and have access to all the information they want from a single platform.

Personalized IVR experience

Create a rule-based call routing system to guarantee all high-profile consumers are sent to the appropriate support professionals right away. Users are directed to the appropriate department or customer service agent.


Integrate chat transcripts for your agents for consistent communication.


Utilize AI to automate routine and repetitive tasks

Automate workflow to optimize time and efficiency of your agents and improve customer experience.


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