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Migrate your telephony system to cloud

Customers look for companies who are up-to-date with their technology.


Connect to one or more gateways as needed. You can also add SIP accounts and SIP trunks to optimize the cost of your communications.

SIP Extensions

Designed to support an infinite number of SIP extensions to provide customers with an extensible and scalable solution that meets their needs.

Conference Bridge

Hold a conference call at any time.

Call Routing

Manage all your telephone operations, both inbound and outbound, by defining inbound and outbound routes.

Contact Management

Contact management is a directory. It allows agents to register and manage the company's contacts in a clear and flexible way.

White and black listing

Incoming and outgoing calls are blocked using a black list. You can add trustworthy incoming/outgoing numbers to whitelists that have a higher priority.

IVR Builder

With the IVR Builder, you can build your own interactive voice response, as well as automate the workflow in an accessible and fully graphical way.


This option allows the creation of an infinite number of custom queues to better manage your incoming and outgoing calls.


Connecting customers and employees

Take complete control of your phone system and the customer’s journey.


Side by side phone system comparison ​

Classic Telephony

A technical room with expensive equipment that requires regular maintenance.


No need for equipment or a technical room.

Classic Telephony

A complicated and time-consuming installation.


Need to configure Cloud IPPBX? Call us and you’re practically up and running.

Classic Telephony

When an issue arises, you’re frequently requested to pay for vendor-provided on-site tech assistance. There isn’t much in the way of remote tech assistance, and problems don’t always get resolved on time, which might result in lost revenue due to system downtime.


You may simply maintain and administer the system without the help of an IP Telephony professional if you have internal technological resources. Maintenance activities, such as creating and removing user accounts, are made considerably easier.

Classic Telephony

Upgrading is complicated and requires a person on site and a change of equipment.


The upgrade is done overnight so you only have to discover what’s new.

Classic Telephony

A legacy phone system comes with hefty phone costs. Your calls are routed over old PSTN lines, which are significantly more expensive, especially for long-distance and international calls.


Your monthly expenses might be considerably lowered if you use an IP system with a VoIP operator for long-distance or international calls. If you have a multi-site office structure, you may easily link the systems so that you can make free phone calls.

Classic Telephony

Most legacy phone systems have a limited number of phones they can support before they need to acquire more of the same equipment to add more ports. When you reach a point where you want extra call capacity, you are faced with the same dilemma of having to acquire more expensive, obsolete, and featureless equipment.


You don’t need to install additional equipment wherever you want to add staff or extra call capacity with Cloud IPPBX; all you have to do is link them to your IP network. Unlike old legacy phone systems, you would simply need to increase your bandwidth, which is a considerably less expensive alternative than adding more ports.

On-Premises VS Cloud Hosting


Feedback System

  • Initial hardware and installation costs are high and expensive to maintain at the expense of the company.
  • Expansion expenses are high.
  • Software upgrades are the responsibility of the firm.
  • Each handset requires its own telephone line.
  • To assure system operation, an in-house IT department is necessary.
  • Complex and expensive to grow.


Feedback System

  • No hardware or installation fees on-site.
  • Few maintenance charges because the service provider is responsible for the servers and hardware
  • Simple to scale up the system as needed at little to no expense.
  • Software updates that are both automatic and non-intrusive.
  • Simple to add new users and numbers.
  • Reduced reliance on in-house IT personnel; the service provider takes care of everything.

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